Lesser coat of arms of fidenza

Lesser Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Fidenza and Milan

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Fidenza (officially the Kingdom of Fidenza and Milan) is a European State located in the Italian Peninsula which is governed as an absolute monarchy. The Kingdom is known as a cultural hub in Europe, being a centre of the arts and culture in Europe. Despite numerous quarrels with the Papal States, the Kingdom is fiercely Catholic and all other religions are disapproved of and persecuted.

You may make a wiki for your character, but it may be edited if it does not fit out state canon and requirements for a proper character.

About FidenzaEdit

Fidenza is a role-playing group on the online game ROBLOX set in 1762, during the baroque and colonial eras. We are seeking to accurately and realistically portray the age it is set in based around the court and politics of the world in this time.

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